Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Convention Season Starts

This weekend I'll be making my first appearance at the Emerald City Comic Convention in Seattle sharing a table with Matthew Ocasio.

In conjunction with the convention I was invited to contribute to a gallery show called MINTcondition at Ltd. Art Gallery on Friday night. If you're attending the convention, duck out early and walk around the corner to see the show.

If you want to see my piece you have to attend the reception (or check back here on Saturday).

After ECCC I'll be exhibiting at four more conventions this year, Stumptown in April, CAKE in June, Comic-Con in July, and SPX in September. Apologies to APE and all my Bay Area buddies, but a trip to San Fran just isn't in the cards this year.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Cover for Hells Dachshunds

 The original cover for Hells Dachshunds was only published out of duress, since I only managed to get them printed days before APE. I'd meant to put together a more polished version, and now, once again under pressure with an impending convention, I've made good on that goal.

Front Cover

Back Cover

I'd also intended to make them available in two and sizes, standard (4.5x7) and minature (3.19x5.25). Hopefully I'll have copies of both put together in time for Emerald City. If not, you can get them at Stumptown.