Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Poor Man's Millionaire

As mentioned in a previous post, I was invited to participate in a gallery exhibition at Ltd. Art Gallery in Seattle in conjunction with last weekend's Emerald City Comic Convention. When given the prompt to do "comic book themed art" I had to decide on some characters to base a piece on. As a longtime fan of Tony Millionaire, as well as my affinity for animals (crows in particular), I ultimately I decided on doing my take on Maakies with this piece.

I titled this Poor Man's Millionaire, its sumi ink and gesso on wood, and it will be on display at Ltd. Art Gallery until the end of April.

April Fool's Day at Falling Rock

Click to enlarge
Every year on April Fool's day my good buddy Josh Shalek invites a guest artist to commandeer his outstanding comic strip "Welcome to Falling Rock National Park" for the day. This year he asked me (or maybe I asked him, who remembers?) to be this year's guest artist, and this was my contribution.

If you've never read Falling Rock I recommend you change that immediately. Go to www.joshshalek.com and get started You can see my contribution on his site, along with links to previous year's April Fool's strips here http://www.joshshalek.com/?p=3829, and read his analysis along with progress sketches on his blog here http://www.joshshalek.com/?p=3839.