Friday, January 7, 2011

The House: in comic form

Two weeks ago marked the last Christmas my family will spend in the house my Dad bought over twenty years ago. With my brother, the youngest, off to college in September it was decided that the time to downsize was nigh. In light of this, my sister commissioned all family and close friends to put their memories of the house to paper in whatever method they saw fit. All pages were collected into a book which we presented to my parents on Christmas Eve. 
Since sentimental prose is not my strong suit, I opted to make the following single-page comic.
Sleepy Hollow Lane is, in fact, where said house resides, though it has no noticeable connection to Washington Irving's. These images are mundane little scenes from around the house that anyone outside the family would not likely recognize, but, since I won't be putting this page to print I thought I'd at least share it on the blog.

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