Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"The Suit" Sees Daylight!

You may recall my mention of a little comic I did called "Surplus Property" (though you probably don't remember, since its been dormant so long). It is the first story of a character called The Suit, a collaborative effort with the fine Adam McGovern. Its a short vignette about a bygone era erasing another, and a lone few willing to fight for a place's right to survive.

The ink's been dry for nearly a year, and with a few publication offers being dangled, we've been waiting in the wings to showcase our project. As things do, they didn't go quite to plan. We had a few setbacks, but thanks to a promise kept by Dean Haspiel and Adam's diligence, I'm happy to announce that "Surplus Property" has now found a home on Trip City, "a Brooklyn-filtered arts salon." You can read the comic, plus all about it here, http://welcometotripcity.com/2012/05/the-suit/.


  1. Will you have printed copies at any point?

    1. Its been discussed, but still undecided. I'll make a post if we do!